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PETKUS M cleaner

The Classic Seed Cleaner with High Efficiency

The PETKUS multi cleaner M was specially designed for flexible use in the seed industry to meet the highest quality standards. 

  • Suitable for intensive- and seed cleaning

Effective aspiration with  3-channel air sifter


Homogeneous Product Flow

Unique, rotating scraper chain for continuous and homogeneous product flow

Complete Machine Emptying

Eased cleaning of the screen compartments due to open design and removeable ball compartments

Powerful Aspiration with Three Channel Air Sifter

Precise separation and highly uniform quality at any throughput rate

Sophisticated Design for Efficient Operation

  • Quiet, low-vibration operation
  • Easy adjustment of the flow in the air sifter
  • Quick sampling from the product stream
  • Interchangeable standard screens
  • Central lubrication system
PETKUS M Cleaner Features

Discover our classic PETKUS Cleaners


Intensive cleaning up to 50 t/h
Seed cleaning up to 20 t/h
Fine seed up to 3 t/h
A12 / A15

Intensive cleaning up to 25 t/h
Seed cleaning up to 5 t/h
Fine seed up to 1 t/h

Intensive cleaning up to 30 t/h
Seed cleaning up to 8 t/h
Fine seed up to 1.5 t/h

Intensive cleaning up to 60 t/h

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