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PETKUS bucket elevator BE for seeds

Bucket Elevator BE for Seeds

PETKUS bucket elevators are used for gentle, vertical transport of all granular and free-flowing bulk products like grain, pulses, oilseed and similar agricultural products.

  • Flexibility through modular construction
  • Special elevator head for handling of seeds

Conveying speed 1.2 - 1.8 m/s

The bucket elevator in detail

  1. Durable galvanised sheet steel construction
  2. Drive motor with back stop device
  3. Oil-resistant, antistatic conveyor belt
  4. Elevator buckets in various designs and volumes
 PETKUS bucket elevator scheme

Low space requirement due to compact design

Durable buckets available in antistatic plastic or steel design

Discover the BE series for seeds


Conveying Capacity up to 30 t/h
Low speed option up to 15 t/h

Conveying Capacity up to 50 t/h
Low speed option up to 30 t/h

Conveying Capacity up to 100 t/h
Low speed option up to 60 t/h

Conveying Capacity up to 150 t/h
Low speed option up to 80 t/h

Conveying Capacity up to 200 t/h
Low speed option up to 95 t/h

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