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Agri Business

Grain Reception Plants and Seed Plants

Grain receiving plants and seed lines are the typical focus of our Agri Business. Many of our regional PETKUS companies offer consulting and project services for individual and modular solutions. Whilst PETKUS Technologies are at the core of each plant, we use for our order implementation- where advantageous for the client - local solutions, e.g. civil and structural steel work, electrical services or other components.

Modularity as Opportune Solutions

We have designed modular solutions for complete process lines in container sized modules. These can be pre-assembled in our factory and tested, to be shipped at lower cost and be re-assembled on site in very short time. These solutions are often used for reconstruction of older plants where core components need to be upgraded for capacity or advantageous technology reasons, or for regions hard to reach or just to reduce assembly costs and to minimise commissioning time and risks.


Broad range of solutions cater to all possible needs

The choice and compatibility of products is immense. All products, like cleaners, sorters, dryers, conveyors, coaters, silos are differentiated according to capacities and with regard to their specific use and benefits.