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Process Automation

The demand for intelligent process control of grain processing and seed conditioning is continuously increasing. PPA develops innovative control systems based on Siemens and Allen Bradly platforms, characterised by dynamic flexibility and high-end efficiency. Our software and control units cover all the demands of production management and operations, like remote control and service, worldwide standard interfaces, the possibility to extend the system architecture when upgrading the processing line or gathering and analysis of the process data. 

PPA follows the core and pioneering ideal of PETKUS Seed 4.0 and Grain 4.0 automated lines through the implementation of intelligent interfaces between the machines, e.g. the PETKUS optical sorters can inform the operator to check the gravity table adjustments when the incoming impurities rise over an unacceptable level. Additionally, the integration of the service and preventive maintenance plan inside the control software leads to an increased lifecycle of the process machines. Today, PETKUS machines are interactively informing the operators about required service actions like the need to lubricate the bearings after defined operating hours. The PPA programmers use smart symbolic languages understandable worldwide to build-up intuitive user-friendly HMI’s for ease of operation and effective daily use.

Beyond the control and intelligent systems, PPA develops database platforms to record process data through advanced sensors and measurements for the systematic understanding of the interaction between the natural product and the process. Our innovative use of recipe control with respect to the different crops, helps further to obtain Strong Seed and Healthy Grain.