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PETKUS belt dryer for seeds

Gentle Drying after Seed Treatment

The PETKUS Belt Dryer was developed to gently and flexibly dry seed after chemical treatment. Sophisticated air conduction facilitates gentle drying with maximum efficiency. 

  • Improved flow properties and Heubach values
  • Minimal mechanical stress

Surface moisture reduced by up to 5%

Gentle Drying

Two hot-air-ducts supply warm air from the sides, which flows evenly through the seed and dries it. 

  1. Product inlet
  2. Weight-loaded flap
  3. Warm air supply from the sides
  4. Aspiration
  5. Inspection window
  6. Belt cleaning system
PETKUS belt dryer for seeds

Integrated Cleaning System

Automatic belt cleaning saves additional effort and cross-contamination with chemical residues is prevented.

Service Opening and Inspection Window

With the help of gas springs, four inspection widnows can be opened to check the drying process and clean the machine.

Comprehensive Process Monitoring

Choose between manual and automatic mode. Access the process on-site or remotely and receive important data and notifications. 

A finely tuned drying process to preserve germination

A total of four temperature measuring devices ensure that the drying process can be optimally controlled and monitored. This prevents overheating of the seed and maintains germination capability. The PETKUS belt dryer ensures that the specified optimal residual moisture is achieved.

Recipe Management

Seed Temperature

Airflow Temperature

Inlet / Outlet Fill Levels