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Grain Storage Terminals

Harvest season is high season

Each year in Europe alone, approximately 220 million tonnes of wheat are produced. These quantities must be collected within one month, analysed, processed and stored. Therefore, the important questions in grain collection and storage systems that need to be answered are time, flexibility, reliability and practicality. The receiving office requires an optimal logistics concept as well as flexible loading and unloading possibilities. Flexible, modular silo systems with corresponding measuring technology, an efficient yet gentle conveying system, as well as adequate drying facilities are as a minimum the required equipment.


PETKUS has an entire product portfolio for a modern reception and processing plant. Starting with intake pits, equipped with dust extractors and continuing with a wide range of conveyor systems, buffer silos with flexible loading and unloading possibilities for truck or rail, various pre-cleaners and dryers as well as modular round silos, which are available with different heights and capacities.

PETKUS also has a highly qualified engineering team which designs, customises and optimises solutions and considers investment costs, depreciation, scheduling, and technical requirements. No matter if it is for grain traders, mills, malt houses, food and feed industry, farmers, seed growers or plant breeders, the principle "Everything in one hand" offers many advantages to develop the optimum project solution for each customer.