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All-in-one coating and drying

The MultiCoater is the most advanced batch treater and offers a wide range of application variants thanks to integrated drying.

  • Improved abrasion values through air cushion technology
  • Self-learning system with fully automatic adjustment

up to 100 % surface coverage

One treater for all treatment techniques

Each batch leaves the MultiCoater in perfectly coated, encrusted or pelleted condition. All herbicides, including additives, can be applied simultaneously or sequentially to each seed. 

  1. Seed treatment
  2. Film coating
  3. Encrustation
  4. Pelleting
Seed treatment techniques

Intuitive, flexible process control

Fine-tuned processes through maximum recipe flexibility, seamless process data acquisition and remote access

Air cushion technology reduces adhesion values

Minimal friction between the seed and the mixing cylinder due to inflowing air

360° access to the mixing cylinder

Fully swiveling lid for easy access and maintenance

Countless possibilities due to integrated drying

The seed is already dried during the application and mixing of the active ingredient. This offers decisive advantages for the batch treatment.

Up to 100 percent surface coating

For an even more uniform distribution of the treating agent, additional water can be added to the seed treatment.


Up to 8 agents can be consecutively applied to the seed in one batch. Applied active ingredients are immediately dried on the surface.

coated seeds with drying air stream

Discover the CM series


Capacity up to 2 t/h

Capacity up to 8 t/h

Capacity up to 25 t/h