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PETKUS Seed Cleaner S Airmax AIO

The All-In-One Solution for Seed Cleaning and Calibration

The PETKUS Cleaner S Airmax AIO stands for All In One – seed cleaning and seed calibration combined in one single machine. Two processing steps can be implemented on a small footprint, offering increased efficiencies and potential savings.

  • Precise calibration in two to three calibres
  • Up to 18 t/h

Two processes in one machine

Great Potential

on a small footprint

  • Two processes on one machine's footprint
  • Less effort for screen change and cleaning
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduction of required conveying technology
graphic seed calibration for soybean, maize, sunflower

Screen changes have never been faster

The screens are easy to reach thanks to gas-spring assisted doors. The screen tensioning is released electrically (option) at the push of a button. The screen segments are lifted on rollers for easy removal.

Screen tensioning S Cleaner

Intelligent Control and Recipe Management

The cleaner S AIO uses the data from the installed sensor and camera technology. Creation of reproducible recipes becomes even more simple. The cleaning process can be easily controlled by the user-friendly touch screen or remotely.

Control panel

Recipe management

Camera monitoring


Discover the S Airmax AIO series

S12 Airmax AIO

Seed cleaning 3-4 t/h
Number of calibers 2-3
S18 Airmax AIO

Seed cleaning 4-8 t/h
Number of calibers 2-3
S30 Airmax AIO

Seed cleaning 6-12 t/h
Number of calibers 2-3
S36 Airmax AIO

Seed cleaning 9-18 t/h
Number of calibers 2-3