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PETKUS trough chain conveyor TKS with inclination

Inclined Transport with Only One Conveyor

The PETKUS trough chain conveyors TKS are used for inclined transport of free flowing bulk products such as grain, pulses, oilseeds and similar agricultural products.

  • flexibility through modular construction

Inclination angle from 30°- 45°

The conveyor in detail

  1. High durability through high-tensile steel
  2. Robust PE-UHMW carriers
  3. Komplett geschlossene Konstruktion aus verzinktem Stahlblech
  4. Scraper plates in every tenth position
PETKUS trough chain conveyor TKS scheme

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Conveying Capacity up to 30 t/h

Conveying Capacity up to 65 t/h

Conveying Capacity up to 130 t/h

Conveying Capacity up to 200 t/h