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PETKUS Engages in Key Discussions at AFSTA Conference

PETKUS proudly joined the 24th African Seed Trade Association (AFSTA) Conference, a pivotal event in the global agricultural community. AFSTA's vital role in fostering collaboration and advancing seed trade across Africa was evident as stakeholders from diverse backgrounds convened.

PETKUS at AFSTA congress

With 300 delegates representing 38 countries, the conference served as a vibrant platform for dialogue and idea exchange. Collaborating with our engineering partner, J PLANET Consulting and Engineering from South Africa, PETKUS showcased a comprehensive service package for prospective investments in the seed sector.

The trade table buzzed with productive discussions, leading to the inception of new projects. Positive customer feedback underscored the excellence of PETKUS machines, reaffirming our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our engagement at the AFSTA Conference reflects PETKUS's dedication to driving innovation and collaboration in the African seed market. As the congress evolves into a key platform for industry development, we eagerly anticipate further contributions to shaping the future of agriculture in Africa. We extend our gratitude to AFSTA and stakeholders for this enriching opportunity.