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OptoSelector OS f-class

The new ROEBER OS f-class allows to clean small seeds at highest quality level where nowadays standard color sorters fail. The innovative material transport system is well synchronized with the newly developed ejection system. A high resolution full color camera system based on latest high-tech optical components detects tiny differences to ensure purest fine seed lots. The OS f-class is scalable to provide you with the sorting width and capacity you require for your processing line.

Seeds smaller than 1 mm are transported from the feeder along a stainless steel chute down to a specially designed conveyor belt system to be scanned at the end and ejected nearly immediately behind the inspection line. Of course, the seeds are also allowed to be bigger than 1 mm. Because of the special feeding system, the seeds can be round and tumbling or flaky or arbitrarily shaped. This makes the sorting system applicable to an enormous range of products.


  • Specially Designed Transport System
  • Optics at a New Level
  • TeachNSort Smart+
  • High Resolution Separation
  • Clean Easily
    OS f-class 1.6 OS f-class 3.0
Length (mm) 1 767 1 767
Width (mm) 820 820
Height (mm) 1 931 1 931
Sorting Width (mm) 160 300
Power supply   230 V AC, 50 Hz
Required Air Flow   mind. 0,15 m3/min. * bei 2,5 bar
Internet Access   LAN-Ethernet-Kabel