Our technology division provides comprehensive expertise for all the tasks in seed production, grain processing and conditioning technology. Applying our knowledge to all types of seeds and crops, from corn, soya, sunflower and canola, to cereals, pulses, rice, sugar beet and grass seeds. PETKUS Selecta B.V. / NL is responsible for fine and vegetable seeds. The quality of our clients products is our priority, following our mission of “Strong SEED. Healthy GRAIN“

The Röber Institut GmbH is the spiritual successor of our founder’s family “Röber”, which in 1852 was the world‘s first manufacturer of cleaning machines for seed and grain. Since then Röber has been known as a thinktank for the continuous development of products and components mainly for optical and coating technologies and has long been the driver of innovation in our industry. “Innovation is our DNA” is not only a mission, but a matter of the heart.

Our engineering division is responsible for the EPCM services (engineering, procurement, and construction management) for larger grain terminals, especially for port and domestic grain handling, as well as complete seed plants. Based on vast experience, we focus on smart solutions which are for “the benefit of the user”.