PETKUS Technology is a strong partner when it comes to seed and grain technological concepts. Since 1852 PETKUS develops, designs, and manufactures in house.

The ROEBER Institute stands for R&D within the company group. ROEBER develops innovations in the field of optics, coating, disinfection and aerodynamics.

PETKUS Engineering designs and builds turnkey solutions for complete seed and grain processing plants as well as grain storage plants.

Service includes classical customer service and spare parts management as well as individual plant checks, training, and custom quality analyses.



New PETKUS Innovation leaflet - We supply your solutions

Seed conditioning seldom performs according to the book. Every location, every season and every seed lot is different. The new PETKUS Solution leaflet informs about how to reduce dust abrasion and to improve germination capacity while applying state-of-the-art technology.