Innovation & knowledge: The Röber Institute

The Röber Institute was established within the PETKUS Group as a “catalyst“ for innovative developments and subsequent product market entry. The company was named in honour of the former innovative PETKUS company founder Christian Friedrich Röber.

In order to compensate for the lack of technological progress in our industry over the last decades, engineers and scientists from different technical and scientific faculties are investigating new optical sorting techniques, aerodynamic elements as well as coating and pathogen elimination techniques. This creates a new paradigm with regard to product development in the industry.


Röber product developments are focused on seed, grains, and grain-based food & feed applications. Furthermore, Röber is carrying out industrial research projects in close cooperation with renowned industrial and scientific partners.

Röber performs independent research and development, tests of processes and products in its own offices and labs, and recently started to operate an assembly line especially suited for the production of electronic components and optical products.

Röber provides test facilities for analysing customer products in order to propose the best suited sorting and processing technique. Individual chemical treatment and coating processes can be performed and analysed in the lab. For example: Röber can provide processes for mycotoxin reduction or perform abrasion analyses of chemically treated products.


Röber products strive for the leading position in process engineering against competitive benchmarks. As such Röber is creating an elite product group amongst international competitors and has become a key brand representing the heritage, history, vision, and future of PETKUS.