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OptoSelector OS f roeber

The new OS f roeber allows to clean small seeds at highest quality level where nowadays standard color sorters fail. The innovative material transport system is well synchronized with the newly developed ejection system. A high resolution full color camera system based on latest high-tech optical components detects tiny differences to ensure purest fine seed lots. The OS f roeber is scalable to provide you with the sorting width and capacity you require for your processing line.

Seeds smaller than 1 mm are transported from the feeder along a stainless steel chute down to a specially designed conveyor belt system to be scanned at the end and ejected nearly immediately behind the inspection line. Of course, the seeds are also allowed to be bigger than 1 mm. Because of the special feeding system, the seeds can be round and tumbling or flaky or arbitrarily shaped. This makes the sorting system applicable to an enormous range of products, that exceeds up to 20.000 seeds per gram!


  • Specially Designed Transport System
  • Optics at a New Level
  • TeachNSort Smart+
  • High Resolution Separation
  • Clean Easily
    OS f 1.6 OS f 3.0
Length (mm) 1 767 1 767
Width (mm) 820 820
Height (mm) 1 931 1 931
Sorting Width (mm) 160 300
Power supply   230 V AC, 50 Hz
Required Air Flow   mind. 0,15 m3/min. * at 2,5 bar
Internet Access   LAN-Ethernet-Kabel