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Indented Cylinder ZK / ZL

The PETKUS Indented Cylinder Separators ZK / ZL are used for the sorting and separating of seed, grain, fine and vegetable seeds, and similar agricultural, grained and free flowing granular products. The product is separated according to its length. Indented cylinder separators can either be used for separating short grain or long grain, and are available in four different sizes and performance categories between 3 and 12 t/h (based on wheat with 3% impurities). Based on the optimum adjustment of diameter, length and speed of the cylinders, as well as the flow rate, the trieur achieves a maximum quality of product separation.

In the short grain separation broken grains as well as short foreign particles are separated from the product. The grain settles down in the cell pockets, and the rotation of the cylinder distributes it into the trough. A paddle auger conveys the material out of the machine. The long grain separation works correspondingly - but here only long and foreign particles are removed by guiding the shorter seed out of the trough. The indented cylinder machines are comprised of painted and bolted steel sheets and are completely encased. The horizontal rotating cell cylinder is made of a special galvanized sheet steel. The specially designed asymmetric (“tear drop”) cell pockets made of high-quality material provide for the highest separating quality.


  • Gentle processing of the product
  • High standard of separating quality
  • Three different cylinder diameters (600, 700 and 900 mm)
  • Segmented cell cylinder makes for a simple and quick changing of the cylinder casings
  • Easy and adjustable trough positioning
  • Support for sampling after each procedure
  • Individual drive unit for each indented cylinder gear motor
  • Vibration free operation and low noise development
  • Bolted housing made of painted sheet steel
  • Aspiration connection
    ZK / ZL 615 ZK / ZL 625 ZK / ZL 730 ZK / ZL 930
Length (mm) 2 541 3 541 4 066 4 105
Width (mm) 830 850 950 1 150
Height (mm) 1 270 1 170 1 270 1 490
Diameter (mm) 600 600 700 900
Cylinder Length (mm) 1 500 2 500 3 000 3 000
Weight kg 600 880 1 140 / 1 110 1 350
Output (t/h)        
Wheat with 3% impurities   3,0 5,0 8,0 12,0

Flow path diagram: Short Grain Separation

Flow path diagram: Long Grain Separation