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Gravity Tables

After several years of research and a close relationship with the scientific world, PETKUS has developed a new generation of Gravity Separators. They separate according to specific weights. These machines allow seed or consumer goods that have been infected with mycotoxins, insect damage or broken grains as well as impurities to be cleaned and removed. The Gravity Separators score points with their unique characteristics: Louvers, secondary zone, iris diaphragm, bulk adjustment system and an optional aspiration system.

The newly designed louvers guide the product to be sorted in the inlet zone in the right direction at an early phase. The interaction between the louvers and the new design of the secondary zone provide for the highest sorting quality and efficiency. Additionally, the airflow moves through an innovative iris diaphragm upon entry, which is precisely adjusted and controlled. The iris ensures a homogenous airflow and prevents an uneven distribution or too little air on the table. 
The specially designed mass adjustment system drastically reduces vibration of the table frame by decoupling from the machine frame. The almost vibration free operation leads to less stress on the foundation which in turn saves costs. Aspiration is optional. The touch panel operation simplifies operating of the sorting machine. Angle and airflow are completely electrically set and saved.


  • Minimal vibration through bulk adjustment system
  • Quick and easy exchangeable table surface
  • Homogenous airflow and dispersion through optimized and innovative flow concepts (iris diaphragm)
  • A unique secondary zone for special fractioning of light materials (PETKUS Innovation)
  • Front section louvers for mechanical selection
  • Optional: Energy saving PETKUS dust removal hood with circulating air (up to 65 % recirculation with filter system)
  • Electric, infinitely variable longitudinal and transverse inclination and height adjustment by touch panel
  • Adjustable vibration frequencies
  • Touch panel operation for easy use and storage of parameters
  • "S" model type with extended stone outlet, special stone deflector and cleaning brushes for a high stone separation rate and continuous discharge
    G 05 G 20 G 30 G40
Length (mm) 1 805 2 820 3 100 4 190
Width* (mm) 1 275 1 371 1 960 2 005
Height (mm) 1 420 1 499 1 975 2 025
Table size (mm) 790 x 1 200 1 000 x 2 200 1 500 x 2 460 1 500 x 3 500
Table (kW) 0,55 1,5 1,5 2,2
Fan (kW) 3 x 1,9 11 15 22
Discharge (kW) 0,55 0,75 0,55
Weight (kg) 900 2 000 2 400 2 950
Air Volume (m3/h) 12.000 24.000 36.000 54.000
Output (wheat) (t/h) – 1,5 5 8 12

* overall / including control cabinet and removable parts

Technical alteration reserved