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Röber Institute

The Röber Institut stands for innovative developments and to continuously strengthen the market leadership of the PETKUS Group. In honour of the progressive PETKUS Founder, Christian Friedrich Röber, the institute carries his name and with that its important heritage -innovation-  forward. This is where engineers and scientists from distinct techno-scientific backgrounds develop new optical sorting methods, process technical components and new coating and hygienisation-methods.

At the forefront of Röber developments, you will find applications for seed, grains and cereals, as well as grain-based food and feed applications. Further, Röber creates industrial R&D projects and does so in cooperation with close allies from both the business and science sectors.

Optical Sorters

With our knowledge and design competence we develop individually tailored optical systems.
Since the introduction to the market of the original OS t901, we have also developed the OS f, as an optical sorter specially designed for fine seeds. With our OS X, we offer a unique optical sorter for maize/corn cobs, with pioneering optical boxes that allow for a 360° scan of the whole cob.

Optoelectronic components

Röber develops and produces opto-electronic components to enhance the PETKUS solution portfolio even further, e.g. intelligent cameras. Opto-electronic building blocks serve the quality control and regulation processes to add additional high value to our PETKUS plants.

HySeed bio - Hygienisation method based on biological and /or chemical-biological methods

The chemical and biological coating of seed material and the hygienisation of grain establishes new benchmarks for seed and grain treatment. Our HySeed bio embodies a foreseeing and extremely capable solution for professional seed treatment without or with reduced chemicals.
Our HySeed bio test plant at the Röber Institut can be used for the development of our client’s special recipes.

The Röber Institut also has its own laboratory for seed material with diverse treatment technologies available. We can test our clients’ material for sorting and conditioning, as well as undertake individual coating and material applications backed-up by expert laboratory evaluations. We can also test methods to reduce mycotoxins and increase germination and vigour.

We are proud, that with the products developed by Röber we may claim the worldwide processing technology leadership in a competition benchmark.