A fascinating world lies between harvest and processing. PETKUS is right at home in this world and has built its core competencies, experience and product portfolio to service the needs of its customers.

Unique technologies are integrated into existing machines to create new functionality. The systematic combination and alignment of individual technologies into complex processes have one goal in mind: Tailor made plants for the seed, grain, feed and food industries.


All wheat is not the same

There is no standard! Each of the many plants that PETKUS has built around the world over the years is an individual creation based on the needs of the customer. Plant specifications are determined by the various products to be processed, the different varieties as well as the impurities that can be found.


From Dent to Flint – PETKUS has mastered the art of seed corn processing

PETKUS has established itself as an expert in the field of seed corn processing. In Europe alone PETKUS has erected corn cob drying plants that dry over 40,000 hectares of seed corn per year.


Technological details and function must fit together

Same colour, same size, same weight - yet still separable? The OS900 OptoSelector makes it all possible. Even sclerotina can be eliminated from sunflower seeds using the OS900’s new NIR technology.

Grass und Forage Crops

Getting a grip on low bulk density, clumping and varying species

The processing of most fine grass seeds requires a great deal of precision and flexibility. Only PETKUS can offer technologies that allow for variable and fine adjustments in batch processing or that dry and coat simultaneously.


Precision meets gentle handling

Special care is required when processing pulses. Kernels are sensitive to impact and can break easily. PETKUS utilizes specially designed air systems and unique sieve scrapers that ensure gentle sorting and clean sieves.

Paddy Rice

Avoiding stress cracks with the right technology

High quality paddy rice has evenly formed and matured kernels without fissures or discoloration. It is therefore critical to avoid stress cracking when drying. PETKUS can deliver efficient and gentle multi-pass drying concepts with intermittent tempering systems.