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10 Years of Großengottern Seed Plant: Successful Anniversary Celebration with Future-Oriented Insights

Großengottern – RAIWA Kassel hosted a celebratory event marking the 10th anniversary of the Großengottern seed plant, recognizing its remarkable success and importance.

10 Jahre Saatgutanlage Großengottern

Martin Warburg, Head of the Agricultural Sector, emphasized the strategic foresight behind the plant's construction a decade ago. "The decision was sound and significantly contributed to our seed business's positive and profitable growth. Annual increases in production volumes have secured substantial market shares," stated Warburg.

Mr. Schröder, Head of Seed Production, highlighted the outstanding quality of the seed produced in Großengottern. The facility is certified to the Quality-plus standard by KWS and authorized as a producer. "Our seed meets all current criteria and is regularly recommended as a reference facility by major seed breeders, thanks to our dedicated employees and excellent collaboration with PETKUS, our supplier, installer as well as service partner," added Schröder.

A notable presentation by Jochen Kumlehn from the Leibniz Institute showcased advancements in genetic methods for plant breeding, illustrated with genetically modified brewing barley for improved foam formation and taste.

Due to the event's high attendance and safety concerns, a physical tour of the facility was replaced with a virtual tour led by Mr. Münch, the plant manager, offering insights into seed processing. The outstanding quality and flexibility of PETKUS machines and the processing plant were showcased, live-streamed for guests.

Positive feedback from multipliers further underscored the facility's quality and efficiency. The event highlighted the Großengottern seed plant's significance for RAIWA Kassel and the seed industry at large.