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PETKUS smooth wall silo

Smooth Wall Silos for the Flexible Storage of Slow-Flowing Products

The PETKUS smooth wall silo GWS is a modern and efficient silo system for the storage of heavy-flowing goods. TheGWS  system is also ideally suited for products that must remain contamination-free and homogeneous.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Optimal handling for powder, fine seeds or generally slow-flowing goods

up to 400 m³ capacity in one cell

Compact, Closed Modular Design

The silo cells in modular design can be used as a silo battery in a row or in a block with different heights and capacities.

  1. Complete solution with machinery house
  2. Hopper with round or square openings
  3. Coated wall elements with cathodic dip-coating and coated cavities
  4. Steel construction, substructure and cladding 
  5. Conveyor technology for gentle product transport
PETKUS smooth wall silo

Residue-Free Silo Discharge

Particularly smooth surfaces, rounded corners and specially developed countersunk screws prevent product adhesion

Discharge Hopper Suitable for the Product

Continuous flow during silo emptying due to individually selected discharge hoppers

Intelligent Use of Space

A variety of possible cell combinations for individual, precise adaptation to your specific requirements

Increased storage capacity by 25%*

Flexible cell sizes - single cell, half cell, quarter cell - allow optimal use of the given floor area. 
The sandwich or modular construction is a guarantee for security and stability. With this method, the double wall elements are inserted horizontally and vertically screwed. Thus, a hollow pillar is created which is filled with concrete after assembly. 

*in comparison to the round silo

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