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Optical Corncob Sorter OS X

Three-Way Sorting for Corn Cobs

The OS X is an advanced optical sorter - specially designed for sorting seed corn cobs. The analysis of the cobs at the beginning has a positive effect on the quality of the final product. 

  • clear classification into good cobs, off-type and rejects
  • uncomplicated setting of the sorting parameters via the extra-large touch panel

reduction of the required workforce by  75%

Good Product
Off Type

The Most Intuitive Software

for easy management of sorting parameters

The criteria for rejected products are defined via our intuitive teach-in software. Simply determine the percentage of off-type, mold, color deviations or visible cobs. 

OS X software / user interface

Reliable Detection of Defects

The latest camera technology with full color recognition detects changes caused by mold and fungal infestation. With the help of geometric analysis, the corn cobs are sorted according to length and diameter.

Quick Classification through Artificial Intelligence

The optimised software design with neural networks achieves fast and reliable sorting.

Accurate High-Speed Inspection and Sorting

The three-way sorting into good product, off-type and defective cobs is carried out by means of a high-speed flap system that is gentle on the product.

From Feed to Sorting

  1. Gentle vibrating feeder
  2. Cob alignment
  3. Separation and acceleration
  4. Inspection and evaluation
  5. Sorting with the flap system 
OS X components

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