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PETKUS Destoner G5 Stone

Reduced Workload for Downstream Process Machines

Destoner G5 stone efficiently and reliably separates heavy impurities such as stones and clods.

  • Particularly suited for products harvested close to the ground
  • Relieves downstream process machines

50% higher stone separation rate

Exact Separation

of stones and heavy impurities

The oscillating movement of the table moves the heavy products to the higher outlets and the light products to the lower outlets. Additional brushes on the heavy product / stone discharge prevent good products from being discharged.

Destoner Working Principle

Excellent Aerodynamics

The absolutely homogeneous air distribution over the entire table is the result of a sophisticated system of air supply, airflow control and diffuser channels.

Touch Panel and Smart Service

A modern self-explanatory software design guides the user through recipe management, airflow regulation, table tilt adjustment and eccentric speed.

Easy Cleaning and Adjustment

The air is evenly distributed via the quickly interchangeable table surface with infinitely variable, precise height adjustment.

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