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PETKUS Continuous Flow Dryer

PETKUS Continuous Flow Dryer

PETKUS continuous dryers are used to dry grains gently, effectively and economically. Thanks to energy-saving options, the drying process is more environmentally friendly and meets today's requirements with user-friendly features.

  • Automatically controlled drying process 
  • Dust and noise emission values below the regulated limits

Energy savings of 15%


A Dryer Engineered to Excellence

The universally applicable continuous flow dryer is a modular system consisting of drying, cooling and storage sections. 

  1. Direct or indirect hot air generation with gas or oil burner 
  2. Gentle, uniform drying in the dryer column
  3.  Axial fans with louvre dampers 
  4. Recirculation  of air
  5. Interval emptying with pneumatically operated discharge

Capacity Increased by up to 12%

through conically shaped air ducts

Automatically Controlled Drying Process

Control software with automated process control and moisture monitoring system

Low Energy and Fuel Consumption

through insulation, heat recovery, conically shaped air ducts and axial fans

Uniform Drying

Conical channels ensure that the product moves in zigzag-motion and is therefore perfectly mixed and evenly dried. Due to the alternating contact with warm and cool air, the product is always at optimal temperature. 

Discover all Continuous Flow Dryers

Series 15

Capacity up to 30 t/h
Series 25

Capacity up to 50 t/h
Series 40

Capacity up to 80 t/h
Series 60

Capacity up to 120 t/h