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PETKUS Ear Corn Dryer DHS

Flexible Corncob Drying for High-Quality Seed Production

The PETKUS Corncob Dryer DHS is a system for drying husked corncobs at harvest moisture levels. Each drying chamber in the single-pass reverse process is equipped with its own burner and fan.

250-1500 t drying capacity

Individual Control of Each Drying Chamber

In two opposite rows of drying chambers, the corn cobs are gently and evenly dried by using upper and lower air infeed. Each chamber can be monitored and controlled independently.

Gentle filling of chambers

Belt conveyors gently transport the corncobs into the drying chambers.

Central Monitoring and Control System

Access visualisations and detailed reports of the process from your PC or touch panel.

Chamber Discharge

Mechanical or electric discharge, depending on requirements.

A Modular Chamber System Tailored to your Requirements

  1. Drying chambers
    with capacities between 20 and 80 t, half-chambers possible
  2. Hot air generation
    with gas or oil burner
  3. Chamber discharge
    in the centre of the dryer house
  4. Modular construction
    12, 18 or 24 chambers
PETKUS Ear Corn Dryer Features

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Chamber Volume 250 t

Chamber Volume 500 t

Chamber Volume 1000 t

Chamber Volume 1500 t

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