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PETKUS Flat bottom silo FBS

Round Silo for the Longer-Term Storage of Large Quantities

PETKUS round silos are the perfect choice for storing large quantities. With variable diameters and heights, they offer a flexible, durable storage option.

  • Cylindrical height from 1.4 m to 28.6 m
  • Diameters between 3.1 m and 30.6 m

with capacity of up to 18,000 m³


Safe Storage - Maximum Profit

Your harvest stored in perfect conditions

The round silos are made of hot-dip galvanised steel from the covering to the outlet spout. As a result, the silos are not only extremely durable, but can also handle large volumes. Customisation with optional equipment as well as ventilation systems, temperature and humidity monitoring and cooling guarantee efficient, safe storage of your product. 

PETKUS silo plant

Flexible Concepts

Modular silo sizes with cylindrical heights between 1.4 and 28.60 metres and diameters from 3.10 to 30.6 metres

High Corrosion Protection

Individually hot-dip galvanised and corrugated sheets with additionally sealed sheet joints

Keeping an Eye on Stock Levels

Accurate level monitoring and display for economical stock planning

Technical Equipment

Each stored product requires individual concepts to maintain quality. Extensive technical equipment enables consistently safe storage. 

  1. Roof ladder (optionally with handrail)
  2. Fill level indicator
  3. Roof vent cover
  4. Grain fall speed reducer
  5. Access ladder with intermediate platforms
  6. Side discharge
  7. Maintenance access
PETKUS round silo features

Continuous Stock Monitoring

Especially when storing large quantities, changes in storage conditions pose a great risk. With comprehensive monitoring sensors as well as ventilation and cooling systems, your stock is in safe hands. The data converge in one system and enable central control. 

Temperature monitoring

Moisture monitoring


Pest control

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