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Roller Belt Conveyor RB

PETKUS roller belt conveyors offer a low-cost, variable solution for internal horizontal material flow in silos and grain storage. Suitable for granular bulk product, they provide gentle transport with a conveying belt running on rollers.

  • horizontal and slightly inclined transport
  • flexibility through modular construction
  • 20° trough angle

Conveying capacity of up to 150 t/h 

The conveyor in detail

  1. Oil- and grease-resistant conveyor belt
  2. Idlers with sealed bearings
  3. Belt return
  4. Galvanised sheet steel construction with optional belt cover

Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation

Lateral sealing

Movable belt tripper and curved sections

Discover the RB series


Conveying Capacity up to 60 t/h

Conveying Capacity up to 100 t/h

Conveying Capacity up to 150 t/h