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Continuous chemical seed treater CT

For grain treatment with the highest quality requirements

The CT continuous seed treater is a cost-efficient solution for grain treatment in continuous operation. The treating agent is applied to the seed in a single layer with a performance of up to 25 t/h.

  • applicable for a wide variety of liquid treating agents 
  • suitable for coating and incrustation of the seeds

Highly accurate coating process

PETKUS continuous chemical treaters are suitable for most liquid seed treatments. Up to four different seed treatment formulas can be applied simultaneously.

  1. Continuous portioning by a speed-controlled rotary feeder
  2. Aspiration to reduce dust in the spraying chamber
  3. Generously sized spraying chamber
  4. A specially lined mixing drum to reduce product adhesion 
Continuous chemical treater in section

Uniform coverage at high throughput

The treating agent is finely atomized on the spraying disc and covers the falling grains with a homogenous mist.

Gentle distribution in the paddle mixer

Specially formed mixer paddles and a plastic lining guarantee an intense, gentle movement of the seed and the complete emptying of the seed treater

Control over the entire treating process

Process adjustment via the touch panel as well as sensor technology for monitoring and control

Discover the CT series


Capacity 1-10 t/h

Capacity 2-10 t/h

Capacity 5-25 t/h

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