Grass & Forage Crop Technology

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Grass & Forage Crop Technology

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Grass & Forage Crops

Seed processing for grasses and forage crops demands special attention because of the various types of seeds and their corresponding forms and dimensions. The preparation of fine seeds is fundamentally different from grain processing because it requires a high level of precision. Grass seeds tend to have low bulk densities and relatively high repose angles whereas the morphology of the seeds tend to make them cluster. Therefore cleaning must be carried out in steps. If possible parallel screening should be avoided and special attention must be paid to the upper screen design and choice. The entire processing chain must be easy to clean because fine seeds gather in corners and edges.

Preliminary analysis in the PETKUS / ROEBER laboratory allow individual and specific recommendations for  customers and the selection of appropriate screens as well as the fine adjustment of machines. Grass seeds are usually fine seeds requiring partial polishing before processing and pelleting or at a minimum incrusting at the end of the process. PETKUS provides all of the necessary technologies and concepts for drying, fine and main cleaning, calibration, pelleting, conveying and storage