Service & Consulting

Projects are like grab bags: Sometimes one is surprised what comes out of them. Successful projects bring their surprises at the beginning when the customer realizes what is possible. Successful projects are preceded by intense consultation with detailed planning according to customer wishes and followed by realistic time management, detailed engineering in regards to assembly management, installation and start of operation, check-up and after sale services. Each project consists of three different stages with various objectives and services.

Project Preparation

In the initial proposal stage PETKUS can assist the customer with a focus on innovation, as well as suggestions for agronomic and economic investment strategies. Various implementation scenarios can be designed and then specifically planned based on the investments made. Up front, internal product and capacity analyses support the selection of technologies that fit customer and investment needs and deliver fact based feasibility studies.

Project Implementation

PETKUS takes over the initial phase-0 planning, construction and infrastructure concepts as well as project implementation as an EPC Partner (Engineering, Procurement, Construction). This includes design, tendering, procurement, project management, installation and assembly, electric as well as utility planning and implementation, conveying technology, measuring technology and training for system owners and operating personnel.

Customer Service and After-Sales

A team of engineers, technicians and installers remain available to the respective plant operators and customers even after plant handover. After-sales-service not only includes spare parts service but also regular maintenance services and plant check-ups.