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Chemical Mixer

The PETKUS Chemical Mixer Type 200 is used for mixing seed dressing. The robust, low-wear construction and adjustable processing intensity allow for easy practical handling and have proven themselves in daily use.
The 200L cylindrical mixing tank contains an impeller type mixer which is driven by an external bipolar motor. The liquids are mixed intensively at first with a high rotation speed and then mixed gently at a lower speed. 
The seed dressing is filled into the mixer through a flap in the cover. Scales with control panels can be integrated to ensure precise weighing of the different liquids. Water can be supplied through a nozzle connection and a float indicates the fill level in the mixing tank. The tank is emptied through a spout located at the base of the tank and the well mixed seed dressing can be pumped directly to the treater.
  • Stainless steel mixing tank
  • Robust, low-wear construction
  • Intensive agitation and mixing of liquids
  • Adjustable processing intensity
  • Agitator with 2 brush strips
  • Variable rotation speed for intensive mixing
  • Weighing scales und control terminal optional
    Chemical Mixer
Content (l) 200
Motor (kW) 0.3 / 0.45
Speed (rpm) 28 / 56
Weight (kg) 87