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Continuous Chemical Treater CT Vario

The PETKUS Continuous Chemical Treater CT Vario is continuous treatment in a building block principle. With this sophisticated modular design, functional elements can be combined or substituted in a customized process. Classic continuous treatment is available with either the Paddle Mixer or the innovative Deka-Star / Octogon Drum Mixer.

The CT Vario is the flexible solution for individual applications. Traditional PETKUS treatment and coating technology and functionality remain intact while allowing for free choice of configuration. The PETKUS design places particular value on precise seed dosing and chemical spraying regardless of the throughput rate. Depending on preference, the seed is dosed gravimetrically or volumetrically in a generously-sized spray chamber. The seed is fed through an optimized and redesigned tangential rotary valve that is particularly gentle. In the spraying chamber, a uniform product veil is created by the rotating distribution disk, even at high throughputs, allowing for consistent chemical application. Eighty percent of the conical spray chamber can be opened, making for easy maintenance and cleaning.


  • Modular design for maximum flexibility and variability
  • Direct dust removal before treatment via aspiration system
  • Precise, reliable and simultaneous wetting and protection of the seed
  • Up to 80 % spraying chamber openes for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Accurate and careful seed handling via tangential rotary valve for optimum product dosing
  • Self-cleaning secondary mixer
  • Chemical treatment with the inclinable Deka-Star Drum Mixer for particularly gentle and efficient handling of the seed
Type   Capacity
VD* Volumetric dosing up to 50 t/h 1
GD* Gravimetric dosing up to 50 t/h 1

* Deka-Star Drum Mixer
1 based on soy


Type   Capacity
VP** Volumetric dosing up to 30 t/h 2
GP** Gravimetric dosing up to 30 t/h 2

** secondary paddle mixer
2  based on wheat