Products Storing

Smooth Wall Silo

PETKUS Smooth Wall Silo is a modern and efficient silo system for storing products such as seed or compound feed which must be completely emptied from the bin. Similarly, powder, fine seeds and generally poor-flowing products that require complete removal after storage can be stored here as well as products that must remain absolutely contamination free.

The modular design silo cells with different heights and capacities can be installed as a battery of silos in a row or as a block. The steel construction for a machine house can be integrated into any silo concept. The smooth double wall elements with 135 ° corners, as well as the use of flat head countersunk screws in the area of the silo supports prevent product adhesion. During emptying almost no grain remains in the silo. With the sandwich type construction,  the double wall elements are inserted horizontally and are vertically bolted. Every double wall element is equipped with a lateral structure with a quarter support. During installation a hollow cavity is created, which is filled with concrete afterwards. With extremely high silo cells, silo supports can be provided with reinforcement baskets before the filling of concrete. This contributes to the static stability of the silo system. Every silo cell is equipped with a bolted or welded hopper with a spot or slot outlet.


  • Model in a cathodic dip painting (KTL) with a coating of the cavities
  • Double wall elements with a length of 2000 mm, 2500 mm, 3000 mm, 3500 mm, and 4000 mm
  • Cell outlet hopper with spot or slot outlet
  • Substructure, frame, ladders and operating platforms
  • Loading hopper available
  • Complete solution including machine house (steel construction) possible