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Sweep Auger

PETKUS Sweep Augers are used for emptying flat-bottomed round silos. Granular and free-flowing bulky products such as grain, pulses, oilseeds, and similar agricultural products can be conveyed with them. The outlet hopper with the drive unit is mounted over the main outlet in the silo bottom. During the emptying process the sweep auger moves in a circular motion above the silo bottom removing the material cone and transporting the product to the main outlet in the center of the silo. This way, problems such as back logging and stoppage can be avoided.

  • Simple and quick emptying of leftover grain in round silos
  • Construction in galvanized sheet steel
  • High output rate from 40 to 100 t/h
  • Simple assembly and maintenance
  • Suitable for each silo size due to the modular design
  • Drive unit with gear motor
  • Equipment with one or two drive wheels depending on the length
    FS 200 FS 280
diameter of conveying screw (mm) 200 280
rpm of conveying screw (U/min-¹) 205 160 bzw. 200
Output¹ (t/h) bis 40 bis 100

¹ based on 0,75 t/m³