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Dust Extraction System

PETKUS Dust Extractors for Intake Pits reduce environmentally harmful dust emission during unloading. Dusty air is aspirated by the fans in the intake pit. A hose filter separates the dust and the cleaned air is recirculated. The bag filter is cleaned with compressed air and the dust is fed back to the intake pit so that a dust collection system is not required. The dust extraction for the intake pits is installed in modules and each module is equipped with a fan and silencer that sucks the air in. Bag filters made of polyester clean the air inside the module. The modules can be optionally extended from 8 m to 18 m.

  • Bolted housing made of galvanized sheet steel
  • Fan with exhaust silencer
  • Individual and independent modules
  • Optionally extendable
  • Large filter areas with a high airflow
  • A dust collection system is not required
    Module 8 m Module 10 m Module 12 m Module 14 m Module 16 m Module 18 m
Air Flow (m³/h) 44 000 55 000 66 000 77 000 88 000 99 000
Filter area (m²) 144 180 216 252 288 324
Electrical connection (kW) 27,5 35,0 41,0 46,5 55,0 60,5