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Rotary Drum Cleaners

When raw material is delivered to the storage facilities in a damp or soiled condition then cleaning is essential in order to prepare the product for further processing and storage. PETKUS Rotary Drum Cleaners separate foreign particles or coarse impurities from fine and coarse-grained products thoroughly and reliably. The drum cleaner is available in two models with a coarse cleaning performance for corn between 50 t/h and 75 t/h, and for wheat between 70 t/h and 100 t/h.

A weighted inlet flap distributes the product perfectly over the entire working surface even in the case of fluctuating throughput rates and product changes. The product flows through a rotating screen drum where coarse rejects are separated and discharged on the periphery of the screen drum.


  • Suitable for coarse cleaning of even moist products
  • High throughput rate
  • Relief of the following cleaners and dryers
  • Design, reliable and low-maintenance
  • Bolted housing made of galvanized sheet steel
    SD 10 SD 15
Length, L (mm) 1 815 1 815
Width, W (mm) 1 590 2 090
Height, H (mm) 1 910 1 910
Weicht, Machine (kg) 590 705
Output (t/h)    
for coarse cleaning of corn   50 75
for coarse cleaning of wheat   70 100