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Calibrating Machines

Calibrations in different grain sizes and shapes are an essential part of the seed cleaning process. Sorting according to different calibers must be done very carefully in order to protect and enhance seed quality.

The SC calibrating machines provide for a precise sorting of the required calibers and are variable with regard to the number of calibers. They provide high quality calibration with an improved capacity on up to ten sieve levels and five calibers.

  • Up to five different calibers in one screening process
  • Vibration feeder for gentle handling
  • Optimal calibration through motor support control of screen
  • ELR-System: Industry exclusive tensioning mechanism and roller removal of sieves
  • Central lubrication unit
Optional features
  • ALR System: Electrical sieve tensioning mechanism with automatic feedback control
  • Control System
  • Cameras for continuous control of calibrating process
    SC12 SC18 SC30
Screen area 12 18 30
Length mm 4 100 4 100 4 400
Width mm 2 000 2 000 2 000
Height mm 3 813 3 813 4 380
Seed calibration* t/h up to 8 up to 12 up to 18

* Depending on no. of calibers, ratio big and small and kind of seed