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OptoSelector OS t901 roeber

The OptoSelector 901 is a full colour sorter for achieving products of the highest quality level. The advanced software processes individual kernel images and includes size and shape recognition technology as a standard feature. Defects having the same colour as the good material can now be removed by recognizing differing shape characteristics. Similarly, broken or deformed pieces of otherwise good material can also be rejected.

t - Option
A new individually available option serves to inspect seeds based on translucent effects. High power LEDs which are additionally focused are combined with excellent optical components with high light transmission. They allow for detection of defects in the inner part of translucent seeds which are not visible from the outside. Examples of this are the detection of red rice vs. rice or durum vs. wheat.

i - Option
Despite the fact that it is sufficient for many applications to detect the light in the visible range with utmost accuracy the OptoSelector is also available with an NIR / SWIR option for special applications. This option provides additional NIR / SWIR camera technology based on lnGaAs sensors. It is therefore possible to expand the ability of the OS 901 in recognizing even the slightest shades of colour deviations even more by taking into account additional information from the near infrared spectral range.


  • Improved material calming using new materials
  • Influence of material level is decoupled from feeder
  • Specially formed chutes for elongated objects
  • Changes to the efficient aspiration system help settle down material in outlet region
  • Automatic wiper system cleans inspection area and its surroundings more efficiently
  • Software TeachNSort Smart+ provides many new functions
    OS t901
Length (mm) 1 855
Width (mm) 1 630
Height (mm) 2 290
Weight (kg) 1 250
Power Supply   230V ~, 50 Hz, single phase
Required Air Flow   min. 2,5 m3/min.* at 6 bar
Exhaust Air   min.35 m3/min.*
Internet Access   LAN-Ethernet-Cable

* Estimate - depends on contamination levels