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OptoSelector OS X roeber

The OptoSelector OS X is an advanced optical sorter specifically developed for the classification of seed corn cobs. The OS X is used at the front end of the value-added chain for seed corn and has become an integral necessity in the husking process.

Incoming seed corn cobs are initially spread and aligned into lanes of the OS X by vibratory feeder. Next, they pass through highly intelligent, proprietary optical boxes developed in our own Roeber Institute. These cutting edge optical boxes can scan the entire 360° surface of a corn cob. The combination of new optical techniques and intelligent software enable the recognition of husked cobs and defects. Complete 360° scanning also allows us to capture additional data like dimensions and volume of each cob.
Based on precise results from the 360° scan, the corn cobs are sorted into three categories: accepts, re-husk, and off-type or rejects. Corn cobs that are identified as re-husk will return to the head of the line to pass through the husking process a second time. Criteria for rejected products are defined through our intuitive teach-in software. This features industry leading simplicity for set up and programming.


  • Gap-free detection of husks and defects on cob surface by 360° analysis
  • Detection of off-type cobs based on 360° corn cob analysis
  • High speed 3-way sorting
  • Detection of color changes caused by mold and fungal infestation
  • System scalable from 1 to n processing lanes (Standard setup 8 lanes)
  • Completely independent control of lanes
  • System control via HMI or remote with highly intuitive, graphical software
  • Energy efficient air knife for automatic cleaning
  • Dust proof system
    OS X4 OS X8 OS X10
Length mm 4 380 4 380 4 380
Width mm 1 018 1 818 2 218
Height mm 1 849 1 849 1 849
Weight kg ~1 100 ~2 200 ~2 500
Power Supply V/kW 400/~1,5 400/~3 400/~4
Capacity t/h up to 7,5 up to 15 up to 19


PETKUS Optical Sorter OS X working principle

1 - Spreader & alignment

2 - Booster

3 - Smart optical box with 360° detection

Classification in:

A - Off-type

B - Re-husk

C - Accept