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Destoner G 05 stone

The new destoner is especially useful for crops like pulses as well as lodging that are harvested close to the surface. The primary goal is to efficiently and completely remove heavy material such as stones or clumps of earth from the incoming raw material. This is essential for ensuring high quality further processing of seed or food / feed quality grains.

Raw material is fed onto the vibrating table through an inlet located on the middle of the table. The table is covered with a wire mesh which allows for the passage of equally distributed air. The product is thus layered according to its specific weight and through the vibration of the table the heavy material flows to the higher discharge while the light material flows to the lower discharge. This allows for optimal separation of heavy materials such as stones, metals, glass and other heavy items.


  • Variable Vibration
  • Table top is quick and easy to change
  • Continuously variable height adjustment
  • Equal air pressure and distribution due to the optimized aerodynamics
    G 05 stone
Length (mm) 1 805
Width (mm) 1 275
Height (mm) 1 510
Table size (mm) 790 x 1 200
Table (kW) 1,1
Fan (kW) 3 x 1,9
Discharge (kW)
Weight (kg) 900
Air volume (m3/h) 12 000
Capacity (corn) (t/h) 10

Technical alteration reserved