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With a capacity of up to 300t/h the PETKUS X Series offers precise cleaning results in addition to high throughput for pre-cleaning and industrial cleaning of seeds and commodities. The combination of an advanced screening design with a pre-aspiration system and multi-level post aspiration system achieve unmatched sorting quality at high capacity.

The X-Cleaner incorporates a modular design that allows flexibility to adapt installation to different spaces.
The basic screen module A consists of two screen compartments with 4 screen levels each, where coarse and fine impurities are removed. The X-Cleaner also offers the potential to process two different products in parallel without cross contamination.
In the upper module (B), the unique implementation of scraper chains ensures even distribution of product along the entire screen length and a continuous product flow.  This feature allows for extremely efficient screening.
After sieving, the product is transported to the two level aspiration system (C module). Due to the re-circulation of air, air flow and thus energy usage are minimized while maintaining the same performance.


  • Modular design (A, B and C module)
  • Module B can be potentially located on another level
  • Air recirculation in module C for air and energy efficiency and savings
  • Easy replacement of sieves
  • Simultaneous cleaning of two products without cross contamination
  • Dual, parallel air sifting systems
  • Consistent width distribution of the product over the entire screen area
  • Large screen area on small footprint
    VX X300 Airmax Duo X225 Airmax X225 VX X150 Airmax X100 Airmax
Capacity (wheat) t/h 300 300


225 225 150 100
Screen surface 6 24 18 24 18 12
Working width mm 1250 1250 1250 1250 1250 1250
Air volume (wheat) m³/h 8000 23500 - 31000 11500 - 19000 8000 12000 - 15000 12000 - 15000
Length L mm 4100 4700 4420 4100 4420 4420
Width W mm 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000
Height H mm 3097 5055 4028 5585 4150 3620
Weight kg 4500 8300 6094 8330 6094 5500


PETKUS X-Cleaner working principle

A - Main sieving module

B - Scalping and air module

C - After aspiration with air recirculation