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The PETKUS V-Cleaner (Pre-Cleaner) is a stable, efficient and reliable system for grain pre-cleaning and is especially suitable for professional grain receiving terminals. The pre-cleaning capacity is up to 150 t/h and therefore ensures high throughput rates with high separating quality before the products are stored.

The product is equally separated by a product diverter onto the two screen compartments which oscillate in opposite directions. Each one is equipped with a scalper screen and two screen layers. Coarse (scalper and top screen) and light rejects (bottom screen) are separated here. The screened product is moved into the final air separation where it is sorted according to its bulk density. Light rejects such as hollow and foreign grains, as well as dust are removed here. All screens are cleaned with balls which are placed under the screens. The scalper screens are additionally equipped with a scraper chain.


  • High throughput rate also with damp or soiled goods
  • Low specific screen load due to two screen compartments and six screen layers and a working width of 1500 mm
  • Two screen systems working in parallel
  • Powerful dual-channel aspiration system allowing for a high separation rate
  • Adjustable, weighted drum feeds
  • Proven ball cleaning method together with the innovative PETKUS revolving scraper minimizes the danger of clogging by equally dispersing the material over the entire working surface
  • Optional innovative pneumatic screen release
  • Removable ball trays
  • Aluminum screen frames
    V 15
Length (mm) 3 750
Width  (mm) 2 000
Height  (mm) 3 820
Weight kg 4 150
Output (t/h)  
Pre-Cleaning¹   150
Industrial/ Co-op Cleaning²   75
Seed Cleaning²   -

¹ based on wheat, moisture content ≤ 20 %, impurities ≤ 10%
² based on wheat, moisture content ≤ 15 %, impurities ≤ 2%

Version of the screening diagram:

Pre-cleaning of heavy grain