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S Airmax Cleaner

The cleaners in the S Airmax Series have been specially designed for use in seed or grain markets where absolute product quality is the priority. This line of equipment provides our highest cleaning performance, with an uncomparable level of user-friendliness.

As raw material is fed to the machine, the pre-sifter is responsible for initial aspiration of light materials. Next the product flows into the main sieving module where coarse and fine impurities are precisely separated on up to ten sieve levels. The S Airmax cleaner is adaptable to unique requirements through differing sieve and flow diagrams. The industry exclusive screen removal system includes rollers and a tensioning system that will cut screen change and cleanout times to a fraction of current practices.

After screening, to provide ultimate quality, the material is transported into the newly developed, highly efficient 3-channel aspiration chamber. This Airmax technology provides superior separation of light material, broken kernels, and low density seed.  

  • Airmax technology for superior cleaning
  • Primarily designed for seed cleaning where purest quality is the goal
  • Easy replacement of sieves due to ALR system (Auto Lock Release)
  • Pre-Scalper option for better flow of high contaminant material
  • High quality cleaning due to dynamically adapted aspiration
Optional features (roeber performance)
  • Electronic sieve tensioning
  • Touch panel (HMI) for smart control and recipe management
  • Quality and safety control through integrated sensors and cameras
  • Ultrasonic sensors for optimal adjustment of sifter channels
  • Sensor for air speed measurement
  • Continuous control of sieving process by cameras for the pre-scalper with scraper chain and sieving area
    S6 Airmax S12 Airmax S18 Airmax S30 Airmax
Screen Area 6 12 18 30
Sieve levels   2 4 6 10
Seed Cleaning t/h 6 12 20 30


PETKUS S Airmax cleaner working principle

A - Main module

B - Feeding and air pre-sifter module

C - 3-channel aspiration air sifter module