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PETKUS Type K Seed Cleaners are optionally equipped with or without an indented cylinder (trieur). The K-series stands for robust and reliable cleaning machines, which are the best choice for smaller capacities of industrial cleaning or seed cleaning of grain, oilseeds, pulses, grass and vegetable seeds. The high standard of cleaning is achieved by a combination of several cleaning processes (the screening system, the air aspiration system, and the indented cylinder).

The product is moved from the inlet hopper through the pre-aspiration duct where light rejects, husk and dust are separated. Afterwards, the product is transported to the screen compartment. The top screen separates large and coarse rejects and is cleaned by means of a screen agitator. Light rejects are separated by the bottom screen and a brush carriage cleans the bottom screen. The screened product is transported through the final aspiration duct where further light rejects with a lower density are separated by the air flow. The cleaned product is transported to the indented cylinders where short rejects such as broken grains and round weed seeds are rejected. The cleaned seed is then moved to the bagging devices on the indented cylinder and can be bagged-off here.

  • Compact, robust, maintenance free, universal cleaning machine for effective cleaning with a low throughput rate
  • One screen compartment and two screen layers with a working width of up to 1120 mm
  • Model with indented cylinder (trieur) for a higher sorting performance
  • Efficient, high performance air separation
  • Infinitely adjustable feeder with ribbed feeding roller
  • Cleaning of the screen surfaces by screen agitators (top screen) and brushes (bottom screen)
  • Dual air chambers
  • Bagging-off possibilities
    K 531 K 541 K 12 K 06
Length  (mm) 4 845 4 717 3 037 2 914
Width  (mm) 1 972 1 337 1 972 1 337
Height  (mm) 2 248 2 100 2 248 2 100
Weight (kg) ca. 1 900 ca. 1 150 ca. 1 400 ca. 920
Output  (t/h)        
Pre-cleaning   3,5 1,75 4,0 1,75
Seed Cleaning ²   2,5 1,25 2,5 1,2

² based on wheat, moisture content ≤ 15 %, impurities ≤ 2%