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PETKUS F 12 is a universal cleaner that is tried and tested and used for high-quality cleaning of cereals and legumes, especially grass and fine seeds. The compact air-screen cleaner can not only be used for pre-cleaning but also for intensive cleaning and seed cleaning. The F 12 features variable screen diagrams, in which the middle screen can be used flexibly. The middle and lower screens are cleaned with brushes which ensure screen efficiency independent of motor speed.

The in-feed consists of a weight-loaded cylindric roller. For poor flowing products an optional pinned barrel can be used. Independent of the product and performance, the in-feed system guarantees a uniform dispersion over the complete screen surface . The separation of coarse or large particles is carried out with the upper screen. Smaller particles and impurities are separated in the middle and bottom screen. With the help of an additional moving floor and flowing goods distributor, both of the F 12 lower screens can be switched either in parallel or sequentially. In the sequential switching the middle screen is used as a relief screen for the lower screen. The overflow moves to the PETKUS dual channel final aspiration with adjustable supply flap. It allows for optimal sorting with a high separation effect.

  • Compact, closed and bolted version made of painted sheet steel
  • Very high flexibility due to variable screen diagrams and extensive setting options
  • High standard of cleaning and quality
  • Low imbalance forces due to separate screen compartments, therefore also suitable for mobile systems
  • Highly efficient screen cleaning of the upper screen via ball cleaning and scraper chain
  • Bottom screens can be switched in sequence or parallel
  • Brush cleaning of lower and middle screens ensures screen efficiency independent of motor speed
Capacity (wheat)    
Pre-cleaning t/h 60
Seed cleaning t/h 6
Intensive cleaning t/h 25
Capacity (Italian Rye Grass)    
Pre-cleaning t/h 4
Seed cleaning t/h 1
Length mm 2 325
Width mm 2 350
Height mm 2 355
Weight kg 1 750
Working width mm 1 200
Screen area, total m2 5,04
Working Principle F-Cleaner