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The PETKUS A-Cleaner (Agri Cleaner) is a compact, robust and reliable universal cleaner in the medium capacity category and can be used for pre-, intensive and seed cleaning. Depending on whether the product to be cleaned is seed or commodities, this compact cleaner can process between 5 and 50 t/h. The high standard of cleaning is achieved by a combination of the screening system and the air separation.

Cleaning sets the basis for improved product quality in the rest of the process chain. Both coarse and fine impurities as well as foreign and broken grains are carefully and gently separated from a seed lot. Cleaning with the PETKUS A-Cleaner means quality for the farmers, seed producers and processors, and ultimately the consumer. Cleaning is therefore also consumer protection.

  • Pre-cleaning and intensive cleaning for commodities as well as seed
  • One screen compartment with three layers of screens and a working width of 1200 mm
  • Powerful dual-channel air separation system allowing for a high separation rate
  • Adjustable, weighted drum feeds with an optional vibrating chute
  • The proven ball cleaning method together with the innovative PETKUS revolving scraper minimizes the danger of clogging by equally dispersing the material over the entire working surface
  • Optional innovative pneumatic screen release
  • Removable ball trays
  • Aluminum screen frames
    A 12
Length (mm) 2 750
Width (mm) 1 700
Height (mm) 2 425
Weight (kg) 1 800
Output (t/h)  
Pre-Cleaning ¹   50
Industrial/ Co-op Cleaning ²   25
Seed Cleaning²   5

¹ based on wheat, moisture content ≤ 20 %, impurities ≤ 10%
² based on wheat, moisture content ≤ 15 %, impurities ≤ 2%


Versions of screening diagrams:

1) Seed cleaning of heavy grain

2) Seed cleaning of fine seeds