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Mobile cleaning unit U 100

The U 100 mobile unit is primarily intended for cleaning commodities such as grain, legumes, corn, rapeseed and other types of crops. Up to 80 t/h can be achieved for preliminary cleaning. For intensive cleaning, product is run at a correspondingly lower capacity.

  • Robust chassis with ABS
  • High capacity receiving performance acceptance for wheel loaders
  • Universal cleaner P 100 (dual lower sieve)
  • Exhaust system
  • Plug-in electrical installation approx. 14 kW
  • Dosing screw
  • Transverse auger
  • Big bag filling
  • Additional screw conveyors
Precleaning (t/h) up to 80
Intensive cleaning  (t/h) up to  40
Seed cleaning (without grader or treater) (t/h) up to 10
     L (mm) 11 300
     B (mm) 2 550
     H (mm) 4 000