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Mobile seed treatment unit with P 12 cleaner, Z 12 grader and CT 05treater

This mobile seed treatment unit is suitable for processing large batches. In particular it is characterised by its high capacity and high cleaning quality. Through the variable use of the individual elements almost any cleaning problem can be solved.
  • Robust chassis with ABS
  • High capacity receiving for wheel loaders
  • Throughput control via frequency converter
  • P12 Universal cleaning (dual lower sieve)
  • Z 12 indented cylinder unit with short grain and long grain cylinders
  • CT 05 treater
  • Exhaust system
  • Plug-in electrical installation approx. 20 kW
  • Bagging scale, continuous weigher
  • Big bag filling
  • Additional screw conveyors
  • Additional de-dusting
Preliminary cleaning (t/h) up to 60
Intensive cleaning    
    without indented cylinder (t/h) up to 30
    with indented cylinder (t/h) up to 12
Seed processing with / without treater (t/h) up to 10
     L (mm) 12 400
     B (mm) 2 550
     H (mm) 4 000