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The PETKUS Corn Cob Dryer DHD is used for the energy-efficient drying of husked corncobs at harvest moisture levels. In the Double-Pass Reverse Process all drying chambers are connected with each other by a central air duct system. The hot air is generated centrally by four burners/fans. In the first pass the drying air flows through the air ducts into the top of the drying chamber where it gives pre-dried product its final drying pass. The slightly saturated air exits at the bottom of this chamber and passes through previously undried corn in a second chamber from bottom to top and the cool saturated air exits outside as exhaust air. The double pass system allows for highly efficient use of energy.

  • Even and gentle drying by using upper and lower air infeed
  • Operation with gas or oil burner as well as heat exchanger possible
  • Number and size of drying chambers according to customer requirements
  • The complete system is centrally controlled by software
  • Complete temperature monitoring in the system with automatic shutdown if the alarm temperature is exceeded
  • Improved energy efficiency due to bypass flaps (optional)
Total Drying Capacity  (MT) 250 500 1 000 1 500
Chamber sizes  (mm) 3 990 x 3 990 5 280 x 5 280 6 180 x 6 180 6 180 x 6 180
Typical input moisture (%) 30 30 30 30
Final moisture (%) 15 15 15 15
Max. height  of the material to be dried (m) 3 3 3 3
Typical drying time (h) 72 72 72 72