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Round Bottom Conveyor

PETKUS Round Bottom Conveyors are used for the gentle horizontal transport of free flowing bulky products, e.g. grain, pulses, oilseed and similar agricultural products. The universally designed conveyor troughs made of galvanized sheet steel can be configured as required. Various types with different trough widths and heights are available, offering output rates between 50 and 100 t/h at a chain speed of up to 0.5 m/s. The maximum conveying length is 50 m.

  • Screwed conveyor troughs with a galvanized sheet steel cover
  • Suitable for heavy-flowing products
  • Plastic carriers for gentle transport
  • Less residues in the trough
  • Flexible positioning of inlets and outlets
  • Modular design through duct lengths of 500 mm, 1000 mm and 2000 mm
  • One- or two-way product conveying possible
    RF 250 RF 350
Trough width, inside (mm) 235 350
Trough height, inside (mm) 380 517
Output¹ (t/h) 50 100
Chain speed (m/s) 0,5 0,5
Max. conveying distance (m) 50 50
Max. inclination (°) 15 15

¹ based on 0,75 t/m³