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Pendulum Bucket Elevator

With PETKUS Pendulum bucket elevators, individual conveying routes can be created. Simultaneous vertical and horizontal conveying of granular and free flowing materials can be adjusted in accordance to material and required capacity. Conveying with the Pendulum bucket elevator is segregation-free, break-resistant and dust-free and thus particularly product friendly making it especially suitable for seed.
  • Modular design through duct lengths of 500 mm, 750 mm, 1000 mm and 2000 mm
  • Simply assembly and maintenance
  • Conveyor chains with plastic rollers reduce operational wear and noise
  • Product inlets and outlets freely positionable
  • Low space requirement because of the compact design
  • Model in galvanized painted sheet steel
  • Inlet with vibrating chute and aspiration connection
    PB 400
Bucket dimensions (t/h) 15
Bucket volume (t/h) 15
Output ¹ (t/h) 15
Chain speed (m/s) 0,3
max. Conveying distance (m) 20

¹ at 65% Bucket filling